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October 26, 2023


EDITOR: What is it that we yearn for most in a world of deception with two-tongued politicians who confuse and amuse with their highfalutin verbage and lead us in a direction that will ends in a dungeon?

We listen, we cheer, we laugh, we jeer, we argue and fight about who is bright or wright and the difference between them is still so far from sight (so difficult to determine).

But we give them our trust as if they were gods and follow them by their every word, not able to discern that they are mere mortals just like yourself hoping one day things will be right (they will get it right).

It’s not the end according to the media, you’re going to hear the same story over and over, twisted and appeasing, not making it any clearer, just covering blemishes to uphold their master.

So why do we follow with a faith so strong, forgetting ourselves as we join in the song, prostrating before them seeking hand outs (that is being taken form our very own mouths) not knowing that it is coming from our hard work.

So what is it we yearn for most in a world of frustration where there is even no respect for the United Nations but some countries have freedom to do as they please and create disturbances to get hold of resources that’s out of their reach?

Manipulating leaders to do their bidding until they find out their plan isn’t working. So charges are fabricated that are amplified by their media, then in comes the policeman, judge, jury and executioner with his powerful claws to settle the matter.

And the people hoodwinked into amplifying their song, with their tweets and their postings evoking sympathy where it doesn’t belong.

What is it we yearn for most in a world that we don’t know because the truth is hidden but junk is not forbidden, and the garbage the feed us is not fit for consumption, but we just gobble up all that is passed down.

Our food, our culture, traditions we once know are no longer appropriate because someone out there is running the show.

They take from us all that we own, wanting us to turn stone into bread while building empires in secluded places from the blood and sweat of the poor masses But what do we yearn for most is a question we still have to ask, for our sense of direction we seem to have lost, so we grope and feel as if in the dark waiting for miracles and all we are doing is going around in circles.

Missing the point, looking out instead of within while the resources we have keeps diminishing going elsewhere and accomplices are muzzled, cannot talk while the true owners are left in the dark (not benefiting, sometimes not even aware).

What do we yearn for most in a world where finance is owned and controlled by a few who dictate and direct what we should and should not do with their stringent conditions that they offer, dangling the carrot before they that hunger.

And those we elect they cannot reject because the options they have will not suffice if the people they serve are to live and not just survive.
But we continue to look outside for solutions The New Hacker’s Dictionary verbage A deliberate misspelling and mispronunciation of verbiage that assimilates it to the word ‘garbage’ Compare content-free More pejorative than ‘verbiage’

Amos Glasgow