Depression sometimes goes unnoticed until something drastic occurs
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September 15, 2023

Depression sometimes goes unnoticed until something drastic occurs

EDITOR: Depression is very common amongst us, although we pay very little attention to it. This has led to suicide in many cases and mental disorders. Homelessness in some cases is a result of mental disorders which are associated with Depression.

We know of cases where persons who are mentally ill got involved in dangerous acts, such as killing and injuring persons.

Depression sometimes goes unnoticed until something drastic occurs. This sickness is not permanent and if dealt with early can be helpful. In this article I will briefly look at some of the causes and how to deal with it.

Abuse as a child can lead to Depression. Abuse has many forms. Verbal abuse is where as a child they would be told by adults, mainly mothers that they are no good. When negative words are said to them it is a form of verbal abuse. This can make a child feel that he/she is no good and will grow up feeling no good. This can lead to lose living and a life of crime, which later on can have a mental and psychological effort on that person. Which in some cases lead to depression.

Physical abuse is where a child is beaten in a way that causes injury and hurt. These persons can grow up with low self esteem and so it can affect a person both psychologically and mentally. Sometimes an individual harbours hatred and is aggressive due to the psychological effect. But the most serious abuse which can lead to depression is Sexual abuse.

Sexual abuse is many times pushed under the carpet by the mother because of personal reasons. It however, can have a devastating effect on the child especially if it is done by a close relative or family member. Those victims feel defenceless and, in many cases, grew up feeling worthless, no good and have low self- esteem. They many times look negatively on themselves. Later this abuse can affect the individuals mentally and psychologically. This can become a doorway to depression since they look negatively on themselves. They also feel abandoned and would often times feel that no one loves them and so they see no reason for living.

Entertaining things that are satanic such as movies of various kinds which I will deal with at another time can lead to evil spirits invasion. We know the danger of evil spirits in the lives of individuals. So, when a person is under the influence of evil spirits their actions and thoughts are controlled by the spirits of darkness. This we would agree leads to depression and mental illness.

In assisting with depression, it is important to analyse the causes so as to know how to assist. In the case of abuse, in helping we should not be judgmental, but supportive, encouraging and loving. For depression associated with evil spirits, there must be an encouragement to get rid of those things that caused the influence of the evil spirits such as desisting from watching movies that can causes such influence.

Most importantly in healing or reviving of persons suffering or going through depression is the assurance that the person is valuable and has many things to offer. Let them see the good in them and not the negatives. Also above everything is the power of prayer and the deliverance that comes from the Lord. Indeed, the Lord can deliver and so allowing the Lord to heal them is strongly recommended.

There are testimonies of persons who suffered from depression and received deliverance from the Lord and with the support of others were able to develop positively in their lives.

Thanks for your time and of course more can be said, but space does not permit it.

Kennard King