Emancipation Park at Campbell now a favourite among sea bathers
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September 8, 2023

Emancipation Park at Campbell now a favourite among sea bathers

EDITOR: On behalf of the people of St Vincent and the Grenadines I express my sincere thanks to Mr Elroy Arthur aka Huffles, for the work he has done over the years in helping to keep the Brighton Salt Pond Beach clean, particularly removing the menacing sargassum seaweed. On many beaches around the country, the sargassum weed has been so pervasive that they prevent residents as well as visitors from bathing.

The Richmond beach in Union Island, which is the best in the world because of its physical features, is currently out of use because of the prevalence of sargassum weed. The beach is protected by two barrier reefs, and the water is shallow for about ½ mile out. It is safe for children and the elderly.

Diablo beach in Clifton harbour is also out of use and so may be many bathing areas of the country. However, Waterbreak beach is kept clean by the Sparrows Restaurant so many people in Union Island go there to bathe.

In recent times, however, Emancipation Park at Campbell has become the favourite spot for sea bathers. Fitzgerald Hutchinson and his wife Monique Craig-Hutchinson together with Carolyn Hutchinson-James and Junelyn Hutchinson have been busy enhancing this recreation spot.

Thus far tamarind trees have been planted and several picnic tables have been situated. The land is clear and provides ample parking. Union island’s first car show recently made use of the park. The park also hosted a retreat of Seventh Day Adventist Ministers, the Minister of Health and his entourage, and members of the National Trust. The beach is well kept and is accessible to everyone, nationals as well as visitors.

The prayer of the Islanders, many of whom are descendants of slaves, is that they will long enjoy this bathing spot, especially since there is no public running water on the island. They are happy too that there is a well in the park. They think that attempts by the authorities to confiscate the park are counterproductive to the tenets of reparations for slavery. We call on Elroy Arthur for support in our plight.


Anthony G. Stewart, PhD