It is now difficult for CBI programmes to be profitable
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August 11, 2023

It is now difficult for CBI programmes to be profitable

Editor: The Citizen by Investment (CBI) programme has been a big money earner for some countries. St Kitts we know was amongst the first and much of its income came from that programme.

Today, however, the programme is not as attractive as before with Europe and England about to put legislation in place for countries with this programme. The legislation could mean among other things, tighter travel requirements including having a visa to enter the country.

Also with the programmes’ minimum requirement upgraded in countries like St Kitts, it would become more difficult for the programme to be profitable and with the tightening of entry requirements into some countries for those countries having this programme, makes it difficult for this programme to survive.

The intention of the NDP to have this programme if elected means it would be difficult for it to be profitable as they would be entering it when there are so many challenges.

At this point it is not encouraging. An alternative is what is needed and not this programme. This offers no alternative to the economy.

Kennard King