SVG still needs Employment Agencies
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July 28, 2023
SVG still needs Employment Agencies

Undoubtedly, there is a need for employment agencies across this country. Those in need of work would contact the agency, pay a fee to secure the job, sign an agreement with the agency to get the work done and collect their pay from the agency upon successful completion of the work.

Those with work would contact the agency, pay a fee to secure contractors for work to be done, sign a contract with the agency and pay in full for the work. In the end the employer, worker, and agency should be satisfied.

The nature of the skills workers possess can be ascertained by the schools they attend and by references from their employers. It would be advantageous for each worker to keep a portfolio of the jobs where he worked and the skills he learned whether at school or on the job. This can be done with the use of a cell phone and should include pictures and phone numbers for verification. Skilled and non-skilled work require workers to be punctual and to complete tasks in a timely manner. A good work ethic is of great value.

The sight of a tradesman with his tool box still looks good even today. It means that he is prepared to undertake odd jobs that are always available. Many people need guaranteed steady income and the agency should help to provide such. Some jobs may be long term and permanent, but most of the agency jobs will be short term and temporary. Nevertheless, a good skilled worker would always be in demand.

One function of the agency will be to ensure that the workers’ social security funds are deducted and paid on time. They can also be tasked to help to graduate able bodied recipients of public assistance into the world of work. The agency will also encourage workers to advance themselves in their line of work through reading. The agency can also publish job openings in the local newspapers so that the best workers can be attracted.

The agency will be a good source of the kinds of skills that are in demand so that the community college can design and offer courses to fill the need. The agency has a critical role to play in poverty alleviation by bringing workers to the job. While the marketplace should determine the wages that are paid, the climate is contaminated by many who receive “ free monies” and do not feel the need to work as a consequence. It is the privilege of the agency to create a new culture and work ethic where people work for what they want.

Anthony G. Stewart PhD