The effects of technology
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July 21, 2023

The effects of technology

Editor: Technology is on the rise and many of us older ones sometimes are not able to keep up with the pace of which things are changing technologically. It is in some areas good in that there is an easier access to knowledge in almost all fields. This sometimes can also be bad, in that in some cases, the information given [is] not authentic. However, it makes learning and knowledge more easily accessible and so we can obtain in many cases our own knowledge and be educated.

With the increase in technology it makes communication easier, where persons can talk for long hours with family and friends overseas without much difficulty. The increase in technology minimizes cost in posting letters and sending monies through mails. Because there is emails and in the case of monies, Western Union and Money Gram and now ECASH.

There are many more things that can be listed as positive effects of the increase in technology. Suffice it to say that even meetings are now held online where persons from different parts of the world can participate. This cuts down on the cost of travelling and accommodation. On the other hand, this method can have a negative effect in that it reduces the warmth and fellowship that persons can share when they meet in person.

There are some negative effects however, but for the sake of space I would only mention a few which we need to pay attention to:

It decreases the time parents spend with their children since both parents and children are often times taken up with social media and the likes. With a reduced time spent with children by parents, this can lead to children having to deal with problems on their own and in some cases they use the technology as a means of dealing with their problems. They would sometimes get the wrong advice from friends on WHATSAPP and other social media. They sometimes find false information on the net and so are influenced wrongly. But most importantly, when children are taken up more with social media than spending time interacting with their parents or discussing issues with them, it breaks down the bond that ought to exist between parents and children. Bonding enhances trust and increases confidence and love.

Many persons are wrapped up on face book, twitter, and other social media. These have their good as well as their bad. However, in many cases persons use Facebook, just to name one, as a means of getting back at someone and sometimes these written confrontation can lead to violent reactions and breaking of friendships. What many persons may not realize is that many persons of varying professions and backgrounds read these comments and other information written on these social media. In many cases when it is negative words it can affect a person when applying for a job or even a visa. Because what is written by someone [it] may give an indication as to the character of the individual. On the other hand, words that are positive and uplifting can be a plus for persons applying for a job or even a visa.

So while we embrace the changing times, we must be conscious of the negative effect technology can have. I do believe the time is near when the work places here would continue to reduce staff since many things would be done by the use of technology- robots and machines.

It is the times of increased technology. It is moving fast, but let us not allow technology to control us and let us find time, very importantly for our families and not let technology control the minds of our children.

Nothing can replace quality time spent with each other in communication and in bonding. May God bless this nation.

Kennard King