Community Award 2023
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July 21, 2023
Community Award 2023

Editor: This is the time of year when many young persons are graduating from various institutions.

I would like to congratulate them all for not only their academic achievements but also for their extra-curricular activities. In this vein, I would like to congratulate Anna Warrican for being the 2023 recipient of the Cheryl Phills King Community Award at the Girls’ High School, my distinguished Alma Mater.

Over the years the recipients of this award have been:

2004-Rachael Oliver; 2005 – Tamisha Browne; 2006 – Amber Glasgow; 2007 – Lizanna Pollard; 2008-Jai – Len Williams; 2009 – Rose-Anne Richardson; 2010 – Lusha Lorraine; 2011 – River Providence; 2012 – Breanna Antoine; 2013 – Nikelene McLean; 2014 – Kelsie Haynes; 2015-Justine Farrel; 2016-Shantel Williams; 2017-Maya John; 2018 – Rhobyn Grant; 2019 -Ashantae Williams; 2020- Paige Cadogan; 2021- Davisha Sayers; 2022-Oslyan Ollivierre ; 2023 Anna Warrican.

Thanks to the parents, teachers, community and all who enable the success of our young people.

We love and appreciate these well-rounded individuals and I know that they value the award.

This is the gist of many comments made over the years:

From the mother of one of the recipients:

“[Recipient] said thanks for the award and congrats. It was her aim over the past 5 years to be an all round student, and your award made her realise she achieved that.”

From a Grand-mother :

“Thanks.. I should also let you know that [recipient] is our grand daughter – we were really very pleased with her performance – not only in her subjects but in extra curricular.”

From another mother :”Thanks. This award means so much.”

We wish them well as they strive to make the world a better place.

Cheryl Phills King.