School Evaluation
Our Readers' Opinions
July 14, 2023
School Evaluation

EDITOR: Graduation season is almost over. Many got a glimpse of what our schools were doing for the entire school year. Participation of the school in the recent cultural festival, sporting events, and public speaking competitions are indicators of extracurricular activities taking place. Public relations are integral to the purpose of schools as opportunities are provided for students to promote their school by writing and publishing reports.

Since the school wants to project its best image, the relevant teachers should take the initiative to control the narrative. These can be complemented by pictures.

Students in Information Technology. Business, and English can take the lead. All schools should have a Newspaper or journalism club that would promote such activities.

The physical appearance of the school grounds and the school are important for the image of the school and students should not be denied the opportunity to help to keep these looking good. Care of the facilities including furniture are an integral part of student learning. If they cannot take responsibility for their school environment, how will they do so on the job when they leave school?

More importantly the academic performance of the school should be the main focus as the best schools reflect this. All students are able to learn if given adequate instructional time, practice, revision opportunity, and regular tests.

Practical skills are also essential. Every child should be confident that he has an excellent opportunity to succeed at English, Math, and a practical skill so that upon graduation he is fit to pursue further studies or is ready to enter the job market or to be self-employed.

Students, teachers, parents, and the wider community must have access to a proper school academic report. They need to know where they are, and what needs to be done to achieve their academic goals. In our bliss of ignorance we might very well be heading in the wrong direction when the collective wisdom of our community could set us on the right path.

Anthony G. Stewart, PhD