Prison authorities must be lauded for rehabilitation programmes
Vonnie Roudette
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June 23, 2023

Prison authorities must be lauded for rehabilitation programmes

EDITOR: The prison authorities must be complimented for their efforts in allowing programmes to be carried out to rehabilitate the prisoners and prepare them for the life after the sentence has been completed.

The various programmes that are being done in prisons including the TVET programmes and others are indeed worthy of praise. The prison over the many many years has been doing programmes to rehabilitate the inmates and give them a platform to fall on when they leave the prison. We are hearing about it because of the coverage given by the media and certificates given.

Over the years, farming, woodwork, arts, craft carried on by Vonnie Roudette have been part of the rehabilitation programme. Tailoring, welding and even mechanic and body works have been part and parcel of the programmes. There is also the literacy programmes from beginners right up to CXC and CCLC. Some of these programmes have had little or no publicity. It is unfortunate that some of the earlier volunteers who gave years of service in these fields are today pushed out of the system. Be that as it may, it is nice that prisoners are given a chance to rehabilitate themselves.

Unfortunately, the larger percentage of inmates do not engage in any of these aforementioned programmes which can help them when they leave the prisons. Instead many still chose a life of crime and many of the repeated offenders have not been part of any programmes. Some end up being victims of murders and some continue the life of crime and would even do violent crimes.

So in many cases the repeat offenders choose a life of crime and not that the system failed. We know for many when they leave the institution they may struggle to find employment. But I have seen and known of many who when they left the institution never returned nor got involved in crimes because they would have found themselves employed either with someone or self employed because they had a skill.

Acting Superintendent of Prison Bailey, and ASP Clarke must be complimented for their management of these two institutions. They are both doing a good job and must be given the support necessary and I encourage them to keep up the good work. May God bless you all.

Kennard King