‘Much of the cartoons, movies are tainted with satanic worship’
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June 9, 2023
‘Much of the cartoons, movies are tainted with satanic worship’

EDITOR: The lighting of fire of a school dorm in Guyana by a school child, and other instances of heinous crimes committed here in SVG by persons claiming to be mentally ill, is making us wonder what is going on in our world. Indeed times have changed. We know that it is not anything new, but just a recycle of the early days.

Suffice it to say, we must agree that something is wrong. The influence of social media, music and technology have influenced some of the behaviours we are witnessing today. I am not sure how many of us realize that some of the television programmes that our children watch on TV and on their tablet are satanic. Much of the cartoons and [movies] are tainted with satanic worship and science of the outer world. The horror movies are also satanic, likewise many of the tatoos that are worn on the bodies of individuals. Some of the Rock Music and other modern music are sometimes dedicated to the outer world, where many of these singers are aligned to the outer world. For many that is how they become successful.

How sad that some music that is not allowed to be played publicly in Jamaica are played at will here in SVG. These songs are bad influence where they speak of violence and sexual control and addiction. When they are listened to, because of the ease of the listening, many times our young people enjoy them and follow the lyrics in the songs. These songs sometimes promote ‘ bad man’ mentality, which promotes the idea of being a bad man is what makes you a man and giving the idea that the way to deal with problems is through violence.

So when children are fed on lots of cartoons and other movies as mentioned above, they are in effect allowing the powers of darkness to invade their lives. Of course the parents often think that it is okay to allow their children to watch these things, and wear tatoos all in the name of freedom of choice, but in doing so, the powers of darkness are allowed in. When they come in it controls in many cases the behaviour of the children who many times display what they see and hear on these TV and devices. So when the powers of darkness invade, it makes the children do things that may seem abnormal and the child appears to be under an influence which we often class as mentally ill.

What we need in these days and time is to be careful of what we allow our children to watch. We must be able to educate our children about the negative effects of many things that are seen on social media. Sadly, but true many parents don’t seem to have the time to spend quality time with their children so the television, the phone and the tablet become the child’s company. This we know can lead to bad influences.

I know that we cannot be there with them all the time, and parents with good intention would purchase for their children modern devices. While this is good, many times the children are left on their own without proper guidance and they watch and listen to things that innocently invites spirits of the outer world into their lives. These things they watch are often entertaining and exciting but that is how the evil spirits get to influence the minds of the young ones.

The easy access to watch pornography has controlled many men who in some cases have become addicted to pornography. With men’s weakness being sex and with the satanic influence and control, many men fall prey to satan’s trap. Now, not in all cases it is pornography that causes these men to interfere the young girls, but it is definitely an evil spirit.

We are living in the last days and so these things will happen. It tells us that it is time to look up, we are nearing home. Let us as parents be selective of what we allow our children to watch. Let us spend more quality time with our kids, listen to them and talk with them, and most of all love and let Christ reign in our homes.

Kennard King