We are capable of doing much better!
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June 9, 2023
We are capable of doing much better!

EDITOR: The Good Book states that if you are faithful with little, then you will also be faithful with plenty. The opposite is also true, when you are unfaithful with little, you will undoubtedly be unfaithful with plenty. That said, we are witnessing the flip flop operation by the current government in several issues of national importance.

The most recent being the call for employment for workers for the on- going port development project. Yes, with our high unemployment rate, jobs are welcome at this time. On Monday, June, 5 a notice was published inviting able bodied persons for interviews the following day, with employment beginning on Wednesday the 7th . What a big hurry ! One would have thought that this need for extra workers would have been published at least two weeks or more in advance, so that the message could reach a wider cross section of the society. With proper planning, the need for extra man power should have been identified and factored in and prepared for long in advance.

According the ad which was shared via WhatsApp and other platforms it states that “candidates must possess: the ability to work 12 hour shifts, ability to work at nights, have a high school diploma, be physically sound, work requires to be on your feet for long periods of time, be respectable, teachable and accountable, while maintaining a professional work attitude besides having a clean police record”. High expectations for slave labour. Modern day slavery at its worst, and we accepting that?

So a man who went to jail for weed, or did his/her time for crime is automatically disqualified. No chance to reintegrate or fit in with society. No chance to redeem yourself. That is the insensitive nature of this government that pretends to love the poorer class, when in fact they only use them to get their vote to return them to governance and with an election not too far away, this is their catch. Look at the hours of work. Now tell me if that isn’t modern day slavery, led by a modern day massa, 12 hours of toil ! Reminds me of a song by Jimmy Cliff which goes like this “My fore parents worked, from sun up till sundown, peace could be found under the sun”. Vincentians wake up ! It is only the dotish who can’t see, and those who were ‘bought out’ who couldn’t care less that will accept this nonsense.

What benefits and securities will these skilled workers be afforded. What will be the minimum wage for these skilled or semi skilled workers ? What medical and health benefits are in the contract with these workers and relatives in case they are injured or die on the job? Since work will be conducted at nights what is the wage rate for night work? What personal safety equipment will be available for these workers as this will be a high hazard environment ? It is your duty to publish this information to the unemployed public.

Small Axe