The hiring of workers
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May 26, 2023
The hiring of workers

Editor: Many establishments hire only people who already have a job. This seems to be a common sense way of recruiting the people with the best work attitude.

These people know how to manage their time and resources. They know the value of money and by virtue of being employed, they know how to budget. They would come to your employment with rich experience.

They know how to dress for the job. They know how to arrive on time and work late. They experience cooperating with others to accomplish a task. They know the difference between work days and holidays. They can be trusted to accomplish a task even when the manager is absent. They understand that work is not a charity. People are not begging them to work. In too many cases those looking for work have no skills and must be trained if they are willing.

In the past the apprentice system worked well. Learners attached themselves to skilled people who took time to teach them. The student was required to purchase his own tools one piece at a time. No payment was involved. As progress was made, an entry level wage may be introduced. Generally, students who applied themselves acquired the skills within six months and can command their own salary. Nowadays, this is not happening as demands are made for money from the beginning. Thus, many artisans do not have a single apprentice.

The truth is that we must pay to learn. Where others are willing to teach us without charge, we need to take the opportunity. School is the place to learn as much as possible so that the skills required in the workplace can be honed. Beside specific skills, the capacity for new learning and adapting to new situations are valued.

Those seeking employment should find a school to teach them the skills they want to learn. They can also volunteer at places where they can learn the skill they want. Demanding money for volunteer work will not help. The purpose is to acquire a skill that can be used later. Increasing marketability through self-study is also useful. Reading the newspapers, and joining the public library will add value to your education. Finding a product or service that is needed in your community and that you can provide can inspire you to start your own business. Using the available resources to your advantage will position you to gain employment.

Anthony G. Stewart, PhD