Give praise where it is due
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February 24, 2023

Give praise where it is due

EDITOR: When something deserves praise we must give it. BRAGSA must be complimented for its dedicated and hard work rendered to this nation. Facebook is a medium which they use to make us aware of some of the activities in repairing the roads and for this we must compliment them.

Besides what is seen on Facebook, they continue to work hard in patching and filling many potholes across this nation. Of course, we know that many of us are not grateful and would still criticize and talk about the potholes, even in some cases it is not big and so may not be critical.

We know that there are areas where they may have failed to act swifter and sometimes some areas are left too long to be dealt with. Be that as it may, we must give them credit for their consistent and hard work not only on roads, but also in maintaining schools, clinics and other government institutions across this blessed nation.

VINLEC and CWSA also must come in for high praise in maintaining and repairing poles and lines across this country. It is encouraging the quickness of the response to broken lines, damaged pipes and other emergencies. These guys even work on Sundays or holidays in repairing damage so as to ensure that customers services are restored as soon as possible.

I wish on the other hand the same or similar sentiments can be expressed of FLOW and DIGICEL. These companies and more so FLOW definitely lack concern for customers and show little compassion. Many times customers would be without service for a considerable length of time simply because the system coming from FLOW is malfunctioning. While the customers are without service the customers are suffering both financially and socially.

The harsh reality is that the bills to these companies are expected to be paid in its fullness without any discount. The reality is that many costumers have experienced such bad encounters with this company. I strongly recommend to these companies that they learn a thing or two from CWSA and VINLEC.

Kennard King