Migration is nothing new
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February 17, 2023

Migration is nothing new

EDITOR: Migration is common to every nation and country on earth. There is no country where migration does not take place. There are several factors that can contribute to migration. Let us briefly look at it from a non-political point of view. With the lack of statistics, it is hard to compare now with days gone by.

People migrate for various reasons. In some cases people migrate with the intention that life for them would be easier, both economically and socially. When they, however, migrate they realize that the grass is not greener on the other side, for there are challenges and difficulties that they never envisaged.

In many cases migration takes place for economic reasons and better opportunities. It is not only here in the Caribbean but other countries.

Migration takes place also because some people are seeking for a change of environment due to a bad environment that they may be living in. The environment may be one where the persons are facing abuse and so want to escape to a different environment with the hope that it would be better.

Frustration due to the lack of employment or underemployment sometimes contribute to migration. They sometimes see migration as an escape route out of their frustration and also give them the opportunity to be employed. There are cases where persons become qualified and migrate because for them, working abroad will give them the opportunity to advance their career and also receive a higher pay.

There are many countries and nations abroad that people migrate to not because of economic reasons but in some cases, political like for example in countries where their freedom is suppressed and challenged. In some cases there are political unrest and so they migrate for peace and safety.

In some cases there is marital problems and social issues. This can contribute heavily to migration. For in most of these cases the individual may want a new start either singly or getting a new partner. For them migration eases the problems faced in the marriage. Here migration offers a solution and offers hope.

There are also in some cases, loneliness due to death of a close partner of relative. In this case the individual seeks for new environment and challenges, coupled with new friends and a fresh start.

There may be cases where a person migrates simply because he/she was struggling financially and may encounter bad experiences, including victimization and sometimes family issues. The list of reasons cannot be exhausted for there are many reasons not mentioned here. For in some cases migration takes place due to work and religious reasons.

I must say that migration has always been with us and will always be with us, regardless to the progress of lack thereof in any country or nation.

Kennard King