My letter to students, don’t – waste your opportunity
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February 10, 2023

My letter to students, don’t – waste your opportunity

EDITOR: Dear student, it grieves my heart to see how you are wasting your life away, squandering the opportunity you have been provided with and accomplishing much less than your potential.

You are good-looking, intelligent, and have great ability and potential. You were provided with school uniform, books, tablet or computer in some cases, book bags, and all other school supplies. Additionally, nutritious meals, and personal supplies were provided for you daily. Transportation fees to and from school, came from a home and family that cares for you and have great expectations of you.

Hanging out and liming late at nights on the streets is not useful for your preparation for your upcoming examination. Habits of smoking and drinking alcohol may damage your brain cells and cause you to underachieve. Relationship distractions will drain your energy. Video games, Facebook, and Tiktok should not occupy so much of your time. Drugs in your system besides damaging your health, will jeopardize your opportunity to join the army or gain a sports scholarship.

In case you did not realize it, your parents, relatives, and country have invested much in your education, and the least you can do is to appreciate all that others are doing for you.

Consider carefully how you spend your time going forward. It is not too late to invest in your future by spending your remaining school time diligently studying, participating in wholesome activities like sports, reading for recreation, and charting a bright future ahead. Deciding to be a success is in your hands. You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.

Anthony G. Stewart, PhD