Congrats to Troumaca  Ontario Secondary School  on its golden anniversary
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February 10, 2023

Congrats to Troumaca Ontario Secondary School on its golden anniversary

EDITOR: Congratulations are in order to Troumaca Ontario Secondary School (TOSS) for its fifty (50) years of existence. The school has come a long way and has achieved many successes.

Coming out of that school were public speakers. It has won many public speaking competitions. It won cricket competitions on a few occasions and other competitions. It has produced many cricketers and persons of various professions. For a rural secondary school it has achieved much. Who knows maybe one day we would see a Prime Minister who attended TOSS.

I strongly recommend a more up to date laboratory where more sciences are taught, including Physics, Chemistry and General Biology so that students don’t need to travel all the way to attend a secondary school In Kingstown, since they would be able to do the subjects that are taught in Grammar School, High School and most of the schools in town.

This advancement can reduce considerably the cost parents have to pay for transportation and meals. This same recommendation I will like to offer for other rural schools. By this improvement it will minimize the problem of commuting school children to Kingstown and so will ease the cost to government that they pay for the school buses contracts and maintenance.

I am of the belief that many persons are grateful for their education they received at TOSS. Amongst the many who passed through that school are doctors nurses, teachers, police officers, preachers and much more.

We wish the principal and staff all the best and let Christ be centre of your plan and executions and may peace, success and discipline amongst other things continue to reign on this institution.

All the best and God bless.

Kennard King