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January 27, 2023
The Math Ministry

EDITOR: Regionally, student performance in Mathematics at high-stakes exams has been consistently average or below average. Coupled with this, there has been an increasing trend in student school violence, which negatively affects the learning environment.

The Math Ministry, through faith-based teaching and art, not only seeks to improve student performance in O’level Mathematics initially, but also reinforces core values such as love, respect, honesty, community, sharing, co-operation, spirituality, responsibility and so on.

This free online teaching and learning experience encourages students to take responsibility for their learning as they move from being passive learners to active ones.

In addition to students and adult learners, other key stakeholders including school administrators, teachers, parents and government officials are invited to visit and join the Math Ministry’s community at, as we all seek to work collaboratively towards the all-round development and success of our students. God bless.

Alton Felix
Founder (The Math Ministry)