Use of roadways and parking
Our Readers' Opinions
November 11, 2022
Use of roadways and parking

Editor: Our streets are narrow so we crave the consideration of landowners in not putting their fence right up to the road but rather about four feet away to allow for adequate side walk space. With the increasing number of vehicles using the roadways, adequate provision should be made for pedestrians.

Additionally, it is unreasonable for landowners to expect to park their vehicles on the road when adequate provision could have been made to secure parking on their own land. Some business places have been built along the roadway without any provision for parking for customers. While they may not be able to provide a parking lot, at minimum, they should provide parking for a delivery truck and one or two customers.

All stakeholders in the construction industry should be apprised of the desirability of making adequate planning and construction decisions with people and their vehicles in mind.

Anthony G. Stewart, PhD