Give 15 plus CSEC passes their credit!
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November 11, 2022
Give 15 plus CSEC passes their credit!

Editor: I wish that THEY would stop trying to rubbish the students’ accomplishments when they write and pass 15 to 21 plus subjects at CSEC.

All of the talk about, “just for media attention” etc. seems to come from citadels of jealousy, especially when espoused by seasoned educators. Fifteen CSEC passes represent an amalgamation of basic secondary level accomplishment in a literate society.

The reality is that doing this array of subjects allows a student a breadth of information from various disciplines. How could this hurt a student ? What is more, there is overlap in the course content of a number of the subjects. This in itself teaches its own lesson about ‘knowledge ‘ and the construction of knowledge.

The ability to abstract (cognitively ) is also enhanced by this process. Mastering this material in order to get grade ones is an invaluable lesson in discipline once the student has the acumen. This discipline prepares the students for the weight of material in higher level schooling/education.

Yes, they do not need 15 subjects to matriculate at the undergraduate level, but the process of having prepared for passing 15 subjects should lend itself to some measure of disciplined character building.

The idea that the 15 subjects merely contribute to deepening the “elitism in the education system” should be recognised for the demagoguery which it is…the outcomes in all education systems the world over are not level…why is this…the answer is obvious: we have different types and levels of ability.

Societies strive to better themselves by allowing their best and their brightest to soar. Presenting a notion of equality within a community of learners is disingenuous at its least harmful. Education systems tend to strive for equity and I honestly feel that our youthful thrusts are towards this goal.

We have a long way to go, but I am convinced that this is our vision.