Marriage is not a ring game
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November 4, 2022
Marriage is not a ring game

EDITOR: It was not too long ago I have written to you telling you that God has given me a job to teach his word.

But I am now 82 years old. I have lost a leg and have had operations done on both eyes and now they are giving me problems.
I can barely see so I intended for the previous letter to be my last, but the spirit has been telling me that I have to say something about marriage.

The essence of your marriage is your virginity, without that it is death. The people of today have marriage as a ring game but it is very sacred, since even the second coming of Christ is termed as a bride for her husband. Christ’s church here will be the bride, so for the church to meet Christ it has to be pure.

King David had a son called Amnon, and a daughter named Tamar.

Amnon was lusting after his sister so he pretended to be sick and asked his father to send Tamar to do things for him; so the king sent her. When she got there he locked the door and went about raping her.

She begged him not to do this but he was stronger than her.

When he was finished he put her out the house and locked the door, so she put ashes on her head and went on her way crying.

The other brother, Absalom, met her and told her to take it easy, and later on he killed his brother for what he had done to their sister. Then we have Jacob’s daughter, Dinah, and the same thing that happened to Tamar happened to Dinah.

She was also raped by a leader of a villager’s son, and he wanted to marry her but God’s people were told not to marry to people of another nation.

They will have to be like them and get circumcised, so they all got circumcised, but while they were recovering, Jacob’s sons went and killed all the men.

You see, these girls that had been raped had to live by themselves; they could not have another man, for once it was known that they were not virgins they were stoned to death.

In the beginning God blessed marriage, he said to Adam and Eve be fruitful and multiply, have sex and make children one to one a man and a woman having sex, whether you are standing or lying down you are joined.
The priests of today take a sash and put around the hands of the man and woman to join them. They may be joined, but would not be fruitful or to multiply.

In Deuteronomy Chapter 22: 13-21 it is said that if a man took a wife and brought up an evil name against her saying he took this woman to be his wife and found her not a maid, the father and mother of the damsel brought the cloth of the daughter’s blood from the daughter’s virginity. The elders of the city shall take the man and beat him and let him give to the damsel’s father one hundred shekels of silver for bringing up an evil name on a
daughter of Israel. But if be true the men of the city shall take her out in the street and stone her with stones until she dies for
playing the whore in her father’s house. Behold the bridegroom cometh.

I thank you for your help.

God bless.

R B Harry