Libraries are still needed in our homes and communities
Our Readers' Opinions
November 4, 2022

Libraries are still needed in our homes and communities

EDITOR: We must not underestimate the important role the library must play in our communities. Where possible, there should be a library in every town and village.

Each school and church should also have its own library. Homes too should have a library even if it is an organized box of books or books on a book shelf. Where ever the library is, the key is to have a responsible person to operate it.

The librarian is very essential, and should be valued and should command a salary that would attract the best persons.
Additionally, there should be scope for advancement. There is a tendency for valued workers to be promoted out of their current jobs. However, we need to create a pathway for advancement in the same job by allowing improved salary with improved qualifications and experience.

There is a need to cultivate a culture of reading because it is an excellent way of gaining knowledge. It is said that knowledge is power and much more can be accomplished if we know what is to be done. Some think that we should transition to electronic books but many have not been disciplined sufficiently to focus on the reading on the gadgets without being distracted by the games,songs, movies, and social media.

We must know our children, guide and supervise them so that they can gain maximum benefit from their reading. Despite expanded opportunities for learning some are of the view that the electronic age has caused a decline overall in reading.

Libraries around the world have become centres of learning where lectures are given, stories are read, art is displayed, homework assistance is available, and reading is taught.

With volunteer support in each community, much can be done to support learning at the library. Convenient opening ours can make a difference in making the community library more effective. The onus is on each community to partner with officials to provide the kind of library service that is needed.

Anthony G. Stewart, PhD