Create your own job
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September 9, 2022
Create your own job

EDITOR: CSEC, CAPE, Community College, Police Academy, University, and Technical Centers are all turning out students who may join the ranks of the already 41% of unemployed among our youths. Those from the Police Academy are guaranteed a job, but all the others should continue to seek work but, in the meantime, they must strive to create their own employment.

If funding is available, students may be better off continuing their education at a higher level. All our educational institutions should admit as many students as they can to remove more youths from the uncertain job market. Those not doing further studies should be mindful that good work ethic and attitude are qualities that employers treasure. It is important that a job is found as soon as possible since some employers would not employ persons who are unemployed.

Employers need to be assured that potential workers can arrive on time and have the patience to stick to a task until it is finished.

Reading, Reasoning, Writing, and Communicating are helpful skills that can add value to any workplace.

Take the job you can get until you get the job that you want.

One thing that should be learned at school is how to learn, and the capacity to learn new things and acquire new skills should have been developed. Rather than idling, it would be better to become an apprentice in a field that you are interested in working.

Apprenticeship is a legitimate form of education and you should be grateful for those who would take the time to teach you what you need to learn.You may have to pay for this opportunity but be thankful if you get it for free.Your focus should be to learn the skill being taught.

Volunteering is another way of getting access to a workplace legitimately. Seek and take the offer for the chance to prove yourself and perhaps you would be the first in line when a worker is needed. Reading in the area will widen your understanding, and looking atYouTube teaching videos can help.

The current climate lends itself to setting up help classes for students. If you can attract sufficient students and you are good at tutoring, this can be a good business. There is a shortage of farm workers.You may take up this job or you can start your own farm if you have the land space. There is a demand for organic vegetables and exotic fruits. Piano Tuners are needed.

Use online training to learn this skill and allow pianos around the country to ring out harmonious tunes again.

Steel pan tuners are needed.

Learn this skill and compete with the Trinidadian tuners. Become a Newspaper Vendor. If you can convince schools of the virtue in reading, you will have a large market to supply. If you are well versed in the Scripture, you may join the clergy of your church or start your own. If you know your country well, you can become a Tour Guide and lead visitors to our tourism sites through organized tours. Finally you can enquire from others what service is needed in the community and create a business to meet that need.

Anthony G. Stewart, PhD