Man O War – Child O War
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September 2, 2022
Man O War – Child O War

Editor: As a child growing up the Man O War was a most fearful vessel mainly because of its destructive power. More fearful though is the Child O War. Some Landlords are so fearful of them that they advertise, “No Children,” for their rental apartments.

Some parents can’t wait for school to reopen to get rid of them. Others give them up to be raised by electronic gadgets. Some parents resort to doing all the home chores for themselves claiming that the children make too much mess.

Broken glasses and dishes evidence the destructive force embodied in our children. Other gadgets and household appliances lie in ruin. Children not being able to get along with each other is not helpful and is the root cause of fighting among them and the consequent destructive fall out.

Some children appear to be in charge of their homes. They eat what they want, usually junk food without the nutritious greens and vegetables. They demand the latest gadgets, clothes, and shoes. The boys hang out late into the night at rum shops licensed to sell intoxicating liquors. This, despite the conditions of the license being that they should close at 9:00 p.m and alcohol should not be sold to under age children. As soon as the girls turn 15, they run away to experience the new freedom provided for by the Age of Consent.

Counsellors, Social Welfare nor Police seem to be able to curb this behaviour.

Some schools seem to provide the same freedoms the students have outside of school, not recognizing that school can have its own rules.

Besides French, Spanish, and English, ‘Foolish’ seem to be accepted language also. Traditionally schools were kept clean by the students. Nowadays, however they make a mess and some parents say, “they did not send their children to school to clean.”

Some parents go to church leaving their children behind, failing to recognize that they are responsible for the salvation of their children. Certain choices are to be made by parents as children are trained to make wise choices.

Children need rules, structure, chores, books, newspapers, church, discipline, play with real toys, manners and respect. If parents, teachers, and adults do not provide them, we will have to contend with the veritable Child O War.

Anthony G. Stewart, PhD