Dr Mineva-Glasgow
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August 19, 2022
Kudos to Miss G at UWI Open Campus

EDITOR: Permit me to write this short letter for publication in your next edition of the Searchlight Newspaper.

I have just concluded my BSC in Management Studies at the UWI Open Campus Programme. It took me 4 years, but I want to thank the Government of StVincent and the Grenadines. Because of the Education Revolution, I was able to complete my degree without having to leave my work and family behind. I did not even have to take a student loan, because I benefited from the tuition scholarship. I am truly grateful to the Government and I trust that they will continue with this tuition scholarship initiative.

I also wish to say how grateful and proud I am to have had a Vincentian E-tutor in the person of Dr Mineva Glasgow for two of my courses -International Business and HR Management. I can say, without any bias, that she was the best tutor of all the tutors throughout my entire course of study, and I had tutors from all over the Caribbean, and even some who live in the wider world. I speak not just for myself, but I am expressing the sentiments of my class mates from throughout the Caribbean who were privileged to have had her. “Miss G”, as the students affectionately call her, is definitely the best. She is one committed, knowledgeable, expert tutor, who knows how to deliver the subject matter so that students can understand. I say again that she is the best tutor that the Open Campus has. Ask any student who sat through her BBC and Zoom sessions. She is definite a plus to the teaching stock at UWI Open Campus. Well done! Keep up the good work for UWI and for SVG.

Patricia Bullock