Our Readers' Opinions
August 19, 2022
What is going on in this church today?

EDITOR: I am kindly asking if I could be given a space in your newspaper, to speak to the nation.

I am now 82 years old, and when I was 15 years old a lady who was moved by the Spirit of God came with a message to me to speak to the Nation. God, through His word, makes it plain where we are going wrong. The other day I was watching television and they brought up a man on the screen who said he was the first gay bishop and I wondered what was going on in this church. Then I saw women claiming abortion rights. We must remember that God cannot lie, His words are forever sure. The Bible tells us that Jesus is God, but when you repeat it, your fellow men want to eat you, but it does not worry me. I read in the Bible that Jesus would speak in parables, so the Bible is speaking in parables, for example, in Exodus Chapter 3 at the burning bush, when Moses asked God “When the people ask your name, what should I tell them?” The answer was “I am that I am, I am have sent me unto you”. And in John 14:6 Jesus says that “I am the way, the truth and the Life, no man cometh unto the father but by me. If you have known me, you should have known my father also and henceforth ye know Him and have seen Him.” Now when you are a messenger you have to be watchful and attentive. I am old and my sight and hearing are not what they used to be, so I believe this might be my final warning. I also know that I will be punished if I remain silent, so before my eyes close, I am making sure that my vision is understood. What I would like the people to know is that according to my vision, the volcano erupting was a warning and the worst is yet to come. God sent us a warning to see if we would seek Him, but we are not listening. I pray that we would turn to Him before the end.

Thank you
R B Harry