Our Readers' Opinions
July 29, 2022
SVG lacks night shopping, entertainment, food shops

EDITOR: There is a lacking of good night life on a constant basis here in SVG. There is hardly any business and restaurant open beyond 5 pm. We know that we are a small developing nation, however, opening of some businesses and restaurants can add attraction for visitors here.

Sometimes there are workers who need to purchase an item or two, but cannot do so after work. Therefore, when they have things to purchase they would, in most cases, have to take time off from their work to do so.

Visitors to our shores sometimes would like to “lime” in the late evening somewhere but there is very little places they can go. Places like Arnos Vale and Calliaqua can become areas for night life, in terms of entertainment and relaxation.

Calliaqua has the potential to become a popular city and with Rain Forest Sea Foods and other businesses, it can become a busy place with great activities. Stalls could be set up offering fried and cook fish and other fish dishes can be an attraction to generate much needed income.

Hotels and guest houses are not too far, so it would be an attraction for tourists.

Arnos Vale, on the other hand, can become an attraction at night. There can be cinemas and late night shopping with the establishment of a mall, coupled with restaurants. This too can be an attraction for families and visitors alike.

We need to do some improvements in terms of night life. I am certain that many tourists and visitors would like to have somewhere to go at night, rather than just staying at the hotels. A good night life with top security can be expensive, but will bring many economic rewards and improve our tourism product. It can also create opportunities for families to go out and have fun time together.

Supermarkets that open late, along with fast food places that also open late do well during these after hours. It is time that we up our productivity and have some late shopping, entertainment and clean fun. After all we are a developing nation and these are areas to be looked. SVG is such a lovely place, but lacks that added attraction.

Kennard King