Our Readers' Opinions
July 15, 2022
Yes Papa, that is not true!

1. Setting the consent age at 15 years benefits the individuals. Those predators who take advantage of children are the ones escaping child molestation prosecution. The future of the children is destroyed as they lose interest in education.

2. We are saving revenue by not hiring new teachers until October of each year. Teachers need to be in place as early in July to plan for the school year.

Late hiring impedes the Education process and some students may not settle for the term, once they start by wasting time.

3. Disallowing a no confidence motion allows the rulers to win and opposers to lose. When we destroy the Democratic processes, we all lose.

4. Favoring friends, party members, and family in promotion is good.

Meritocracy allows us to benefit with increased productivity.

5. Leaving Public buildings and roads to deteriorate saves us money. Minor economical repairs prevent costly major reconstruction.

6. Keeping improper financial records makes us look good. Annual audited statements save us money, prevent waste, deter corruption, and make for efficiency.

7. Giving out money with no strings attached improves the lot of the poor.

This just perpetuates poverty. What the poor need is work so that they can meet their own needs and contribute to the national economy.

8. Moving voters to marginal constituencies allows the ruling party to win.

Fraudulent Representatives have no moral authority to function and the farce becomes apparent. Confidence is lost in the Electoral Office.

Dishonesty causes blight.

9. Governments are good at Business Investments. This certainly is not true.

Private Investors will be efficient, and profitable otherwise they will close down. Individual government members will not subject their own finances to the trauma with which they subject public finances.

10. Certain Leaders are indispensable. We all have a life cycle. If we prepare well, those whom we teach will succeed us and do better than we have done.

Eric Williams, and James Mitchell overstayed their time to the detriment of their countries.

Anthony Stewart