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July 1, 2022
Stop bullying from spreading in our elementary schools

EDITOR: Growing up school was my escape, it felt safe, I loved learning and I felt accepted. As an adult and parent of three daughters, I have met children who feel the same way about school.

Back then school yard tussle between friends who had a falling out was just that, a quarrel between friends who made up later.

I do not remember us having bullies, or maybe we just didn’t have a name for it. A bully is someone who sought to harm, intimidate or coerce (someone perceived to be vulnerable).

A few weeks ago I saw a post about a high school student assaulting an elementary school student and it was reported that this was not the first incident between the two. I felt sad and angry simultaneously, if that was my child, oh boy!

A few days after that post, my own nephew was held by one child , older and stronger , while two others beat on him, again this was not the first incident.

Is bullying becoming an issue in our schools that children are supposed to feel safe? If it is,how do we stop it?

First, we need to talk about it in our schools with both students and teachers and with parents at PTA.

Schools, especially elementary schools should be an anti- bullying zone!

Bullying should not be acceptable nor brushed under the rug.

There should be serious consequences for students who are bullying other students.

I strongly recommend counselling for those students who have been bullied and for the bullies as well.

STOP BULLYING! Do not let our children start taking their own lives because of it!

Kutie Foster