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June 28, 2022
A few thoughts on this trend of gender swapping

EDITOR:The world has changed.Today we are hearing about Transgender, where a person is born either a male or female but has changed their identity to a female in the case of a male and to a male in the case of a female.We are also hearing about NEUTRAL gender.That is where a person is neither male nor female.

How in God’s name can this be possible?Yet it is widely appreciated. Things have changed to accept these forms of gender. They are claiming that it is their rights.

What a world we are living in! No wonder there is so much confusion.We were all born either male or female.We were made by God that way. Is it that who changed their agenda identity are dissatisfied how God has made them. Some intellectuals are claiming that it is in their genes or that they were born that way in the sense of transgender or neutral gender.

God made us either male or female with particular sex organs. How can we brush aside how God has designed us and put it to suit ourselves? I tell you, what a world we are living in!

It is prayer that we would realize that we are fearfully and wonderfully made by God and that HE makes no mistake and has a purpose for everything, even to the way HE made us. Let us give God his rightful place and not rebel against His handiwork. For the time will come when we would have to give Him an account for our lives we live.

I trust that we would as a nation and individuals accept the beautiful handiwork of the creator God and give Him the respect and honour that He so deserves. Let us forget about this foolishness of Transgender and Neutral gender.

Kennard King