School washroom
Our Readers' Opinions
May 13, 2022
School washroom

EDITOR: Some wonder what should be done with dirty school toilets. The answer is to clean them. We do not want an outbreak of disease at school. A visit to any of our schools is not complete until the toilets are looked at. The status of the kitchen and the toilet reflect the health of the school.

Every school should have a janitorial staff charged with the cleaning of toilets. When a worker is absent, another should be assigned. Apparently, this system will have temporary breakdowns, and the toilets become a health hazard. In such cases, some school administrators will opt to close the school. In other cases, there may be a temporary water shortage and again students may be sent home. The consequence is that instructional time is lost which may never be regained.

To prevent water shortage, there should be on site storage of water. Additionally, some schools may consider having one latrine to serve when there is no water and the regular toilets are closed. But presently we must attend to the dirty toilets with teeming flies waiting to transmit germs to the kitchen. Since many would claim that it is not their job, we need to make a roster so that students can learn how to care for this vital part of the school. The aim of the school is self-sufficiency. Schools should be able to maintain themselves. We teach “not only for school but also for life.” Students should not be denied the learning opportunity presented by keeping the school clean, and sanitized. When problems arise at school, the solution should not put students at a disadvantage.

Anthony Stewart, PhD