There is no justification for rising cost of some items
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April 29, 2022
There is no justification for rising cost of some items

EDITOR: As was expected, there is hike in prices of goods and services due to the rise in cost of fuel. However, I am of the opinion that some hikes in prices are not justifiable and may even be too hefty.

You take for example at one of our supermarkets, the price of an item was $18 per pound by the end of the weekend, but on the start of the week that same item rose to $24 per pound. What is the justification for the rise in price when there was no new shipment that came in since over the weekend? Also the amount at which it rose makes one wonder why that amount all of a sudden.

There are many other items that can be placed in the same category of rising without justification and without mercy. Let us look at the rise in cost of COALS. How can anyone justify the rise in cost of a sack of coal? The wood is free and they hardly use any oil to light the fire. So tell what has risen in terms of production for coals, yet its price goes up.

The aforementioned are just two of the many examples. It is my belief that many persons are taking advantage of the situation and are raising their cost of items of goods and services simply because other items are rising. The sad thing though is that many of these items would be sold because of necessity.

I therefore beg us to be considerate and don’t just raise things for raising sake or out of greed. The strange thing is that when [the]price of an item falls, the business persons don’t immediately drop their item, but rather would complain about loss and would wait until next shipment to effect the change in price. But on the other hand, many times when there is a rise in cost it takes immediate effect even with the old stock.

Maybe if possible the ministry of trade can have officers checking on items and ensure that prices are not raised without justification and at a reasonable price.

Kennard King