Attend to the roads between Belle Isle and Cumberland hydro plant
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April 22, 2022
Attend to the roads between Belle Isle and Cumberland hydro plant

EDITOR: The completion of the Sharpes bridge and the realignment of the Belle Isle road coupled with the soon to be completed Long line road are projects we as residents and travelling public are thankful for. However, it is my hope that sooner than later we would be given attention to another very important must do project in North Leeward.

The project I am referring to are roads below the prison at Belle Isle and just before the corner leading to the realigned road, the road above the Cumberland hydro plant on the rising after you leave Charles Village, and also the road which is a little distance from the road overlooking the Cumberland hydro plant. These roads need urgent attention.

For some years now these road are sinking at the edges. With the amount of traffic that goes on those roads daily, it is only a matter of time before they collapse. I was made to understand that engineers looked at the Belle Isle road and the one overlooking the Cumberland hydro plant and did their assessment.

However, to date we have not heard anything.

I am neither an engineer nor any expert on roads, but I recommend a solution. These roads in question would be hard to stabilise because of the depth of the bottom of the bank. So building a wall to keep it stable would definitely be a Hercules task, if not impossible especially the one at Belle Isle. Therefore, I strongly recommend that there be a realignment of these roads where you cut the roads further into the bank on the opposite side of the road so the roads can be built further in, so as to ease the tension on the edges of these roads and also these edges of the roads would be abandoned.

This recommendation is practical and much cheaper and should be done for the roads mentioned. I trust that my simple layman’s recommendation would be taken on board and that action would be taken sooner than later. For it is said that,” a stitch in time saves nine”. It is far better to deal with it now than dragging it out and then something drastic happens where it poses problems in traveling to and from town and also saving money and lives.

Kennard King