Are some of our adults preying on the vulnerable and getting away with it?
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April 14, 2022

Are some of our adults preying on the vulnerable and getting away with it?

EDITOR: A predator is a creature that naturally preys on others. A predator can also refer to individuals who ruthlessly exploit others. A yard fowl preys on the cockroach, while the cat preys on the rat. A prey is any animal that is killed or hunted by another for food.

It appears that it is open season for some young persons, particularly girls who find themselves preyed upon usually by older persons.

This is no ordinary symbiotic relationship. When both parties benefit it is mutualism. If only one party benefits and the other is harmed or killed, it involves parasitism. When one party benefits and the other is neither benefited nor harmed, it is commensalism. When both parties benefit, it is mutualism.

At a time when adults should be the protectors of the weak and vulnerable, are many organising ways to be predators and vultures without being caught? Are employers using their privileged positions to prey upon their destitute employees? It appears that some are emboldened because they have enablers in key gatekeeping positions. When decisions are being made, who is given the benefit of the doubt? Is it the predator or the prey? When we set the consequent age at 15, what do we expect the result will be? How many 15-year olds are running away from home to experience their new immoral freedom? How many students are losing focus on their studies as they navigate the advances of their predators? How many predators are allowed in jobs where they prey on our innocent children? Counselling and social work are practices in ethics and morals. Completion of certain studies is not sufficiently adequate. Additionally, the tone is set by those in leadership positions. Those who enforce the laws should play a critical role in dealing with predators. The Sexual Offences unit must be seen and heard. We must all declare whether we support the predator or the prey.

Anthony Stewart