It’s time to unmask!
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April 1, 2022

It’s time to unmask!

EDITOR: The recent announcement by PAHO that herd immunity is the only effective way to combat and survive covid, is more than a year late, but better late than never ! The best way to achieve true herd immunity is by unmasking, first by those who came down with covid and survived, like me and many others right here in sweet SVG.

On March 27, 2021 I published an article titled “What is herd immunity ?”, chiding our MOH for not using their Health program to edify Vincentians about the ‘efficacy’ of herd immunity. Some critics laughed it off as ridiculous, because they didn’t understand the concept and reality of the benefits of herd immunity; thank God it was only a few of such thinkers.

I am not advocating for covid survivors to go coughing and sneezing in other people’s faces to achieve herd immunity, it is much easier and more effective to just unmask and operate as normal. Catch it you will, but the state of your immune system will determine the severity of the illness. So keep your immune system healthy and nature will take care of whatever comes at it, that is how God designed us. Nothing engineered by man can overthrow God’s creation. But that does not mean going and wilfully exposing yourself to bad habits and practices. So still keep your hands sanitised regularly especially when in public spaces.

Grenada has officially disbanded the masking protocol from April 1, and this is not an April’s fools joke. What are we waiting for? For massa to say that you can now unmask ? Follow the science nuh! And another worrying news for persons with life insurance, that death as a direct result from the covid ‘vaccine’ will not be covered. So after all those years of paying the insurance, you better instruct your friends at the morgue not to state cause of death is COVID-19, otherwise your beneficiaries ain’t getting a dime !

Donald DeRiggs