Journalists and talk show hosts
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March 25, 2022
Journalists and talk show hosts

Editor: Since the passing of Glen Jackson radio talk show and journalism is much to be desired. We need talk show hosts who are not afraid but with the boldness is factual with evidence void of hatred and slander.

Journalists today are not investigative. Often times they would run with information that sounds juicy. Some are even too lazy to do their own research, instead they are like copy cat. However, there are few journalists who are trying to be truthful in their reporting and would try to be balance by gathering information from different sides of the fence.

A good journalist would give information void of political mischief. We need talk show hosts who are educational, balanced in their views and honest in dispensing information. Many are sensational and would feed on people’s emotion.

The passing of Glen Jackson has left a void in informative, honest and powerful presentation. What is sad is the silence in remembering such a strong person on radio who could bring down any government or bring into office any government. With the exception of Kingsley Defreitas, there seems to be a silence on honouring his memory.

It is my hope that the standard of journalism will be lifted in this country, where we would have investigative and balanced reporting. Also that we would see an improvement in talk show hosts, where the talk show hosts are responsible, honest even in criticism and educational. We know that criticism is important but it must be void of slander and untruths. It is also important that the talk show host do some research and gather information before hosting a programme.

Kennard King