People must be allowed to be who they are
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March 11, 2022
People must be allowed to be who they are

EDITOR: Most people are kind, compassionate, and caring, but some have allowed outside forces to change who they are. Each of us should be comfortable with ourselves and our own conduct and response to those around us. Sometimes adults at variance with each other attempt to transfer the same animosity to the children who play amicably together. This should not be. We must attempt to settle disputes, and at minimum agree to disagree when adequate settlement seems illusive. “If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone,” (Romans 12:18)

The attempt of the powerful Russia to subdue Ukraine by destroying the country is unacceptable and apparently would not work because it would not change who the Ukrainians are. Similarly, draconian measures to force people to be vaccinated did not work because change must come from within. Diplomacy is the way to go, and people value their freedom more than anything else. While we may not agree with the decisions some people make, we must respect their choice. Human relations are not an either-or paradigm but a continuum. Issues are not either black or white. It appears the vaccine was being promoted as the only solution to the Pandemic and other viable solutions were almost ignored. Those who conscientiously objected to being vaccinated should now be allowed to return to their jobs together with the sanitation workers. Those who gave the “firing letters” should now withdraw them just like how the world wants Putin to withdraw his “firing squads” from Ukraine.

People should be allowed to maintain their integrity and allowed to be who they are. Many animals and humans in need of deworming have suffered because of the negative propaganda some have unleashed on Ivermectin and illegally restricting its access. The truth about alternative treatments is being laid bare. Doctors value their freedom to treat their patients with what they think is appropriate for their particular condition. Attempts to control their practice by unconventional means is not acceptable.
Whether we are Doctors, Farmers, Teachers, Civil servants, Sanitation workers, or Ordinary citizens, we must all be allowed to be who we are. Integrity in all cases is essential.

Anthony Stewart, PhD