Halt quarry project immediately until an EIA is submitted
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March 11, 2022
Halt quarry project immediately until an EIA is submitted

EDITOR: The move to allow the quarry project in North Leeward to go ahead is a violation of due process for projects of that magnitude and impact on the environment, and in the absence of an Environmental Impact Assessment, the only legal way to halt that project is by means of a court injunction.

Vincentians would have seen a quite in depth report on IWN giving both sides of the story and even interviewing the leadership of the NDP, none of whom indicated that the government would be filing an injunction to stop the project in the absence of an environmental impact assessment and accompanying recommendations. If the ULP was in opposition, that project could NEVER have started without an EIA.

Up to the time of writing (March 01), I have not heard nor read any news indicating that the NDP is filing an injunction to halt that project with immediate effect before irreparable damage is done to our environment. It would appear that lethargy has set in on NDP lawyers, because they have failed to capitalize on a windfall, which is actually a ‘dropped ball’ by the incumbent. But it isn’t too late. Sometimes the tail has to wag the dog, but that is not how nature intended it.

Any group that desires to lead a country, must possess political acuity and acumen which must be demonstrated by their aggressive strategies to combat any wrong doing by the government/incumbent. There are so many things already wrong with this project, the govt having admitted their short comings in dealing with the stakeholders, including those farming, living and making a living in that area.

The few persons who mine gravel at Richmond beach will be affected and will not be able to compete with the ‘big fish’, once the blasting and grinding begins. Tri tri catchers (our tradition and culture) will be affected, the environment, including the river and sea will be polluted by dust and water borne sediment. The nearby Dark View Falls will also be affected by the blasting and will put many persons in the tourist support industry out of business. Several farmers who have crops that are currently bearing in the area, have been affected by boulders crashing through their cultivars. These and more are ample reasons why the project must be halted until that Environmental Impact Study is concluded.

The investors must be concerned, because we cannot go into their country and do as we feel, especially projects that will have a serious impact on the environment. If this project ever flies, the only thing left to generations unborn will be the scars on our environment, while others enjoy the millions made from the destruction of our country. I am for development, as are many Vincentians, but not at any cost … especially where the cost is the destruction of our environment. And a final question, who stands to benefit most, SVG or the investors ? … 99% going out, straight out of the horse’s mouth !!!

Donald De Riggs