A Poem to my Brother The M T genius
Moulton Mayers
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February 22, 2022

A Poem to my Brother The M T genius

And so he’s gone!
To where?
Yet in despair as I felt that tingle in my ear;
And so immediately comes a tear
For the loss of a brother who’s so very dear.

To where I lingered;
Yet in amaze
He is the genius of the Mayers,
Of buildings staged no matter the scape
Love and admired where ever depicts.

A building here and that building there;
All over the country his name appears
Of fantasies no one can compare,
All through the towns his strolls on air
From where it come some wander where?

But that dear brother assess with ease
As for his people he must besiege
Their wants their dreams;
He fulfills with care
Not just a square but of artistic flare.

He snatches his board and starts his sketch;
As his hazy eyes lingers there–
And of his focus is that care
A genius brother no stress or fear,
He chases your dream in such skillful means.

The lights go out and morning comes
But my little bro still toils along;
For on that paper it all must flow,
The vital is that he steals the show
The race is on; for a unique design.

It all depends on a personas’ heart–
To a boy I know so docile at the show;
That silent look and a smile that hooks
A people person by hook or crock,
As peace on earth is his goal to a dessert.

And how to start by the whip of a dad
Of the many siblings that makes you mad?
The prettiest dame it was his game
So there came a boy and guess what’s his name
An M T man, his legacy will stand.

And with that fame it’ll carry the name,
So very instilled within the kid–
The dream of a father an inherited skills
An Island rebuilds for a nation his will,
Such land mark; how mighty! So beautifully depict.

As bright as his game; a puzzle the same
Yet in humility he trod so gentle with fame,
With a numb smile he watch
As conspires aspire;
For him he knows his tender has no measure.

‘It’s a package he will say–
I assess the angles as it may’
A landmark that’s mine come rain or shine,
The focus is set as on my knees it has met;
In honesty it will; as thy kingdom chills.

For regardless what it may,
The love of money will play,
The chump-card takes precedence
As it darkens the view;
Of a boy I once knew that brightens the crew.

Now his tender he has withdrew
And humbly he surrenders;
His legacy lives on
Of a generation asunder;
The truth will prevail as history tells its tale……

Rest in Peace my Brother
In God’s hands you surrender

Feb. 19, 2022 © Elma Gabriel-Mayers
Architect, Moulton Mayers died on Saturday, February 19 in the USA.