All lives matter!
Our Readers' Opinions
February 18, 2022

All lives matter!

EDITOR: All lives matter. Of recent times we are greeted with sad news of death and possibly human trafficking. These cases we know involve both males and females and in the case of murders and death, it is mainly that of men, while the human trafficking involves females.

The homicides and the numbers thus far is indeed cause for concern. It shows as the bible says that the heart of man is deceitful and desperately wicked (Jeremiah 17:9). The influence of music and technology, in particular movies have played a part in promoting gun violence as a means of solving problems. Efforts must be made to get the guns off the street by offering Amnesty to those who have guns followed by an organize searching of homes and vehicles for guns.

Poor parental guidance at home, where in many cases there is an absence of a father figure has contributed in that children are left on their own where the technology becomes their friend and influence. No longer parents sit down and spend quality time with their children and discuss problems and show love and respect for each other. The serious lack of role models in the home is part of parental guidance and the priority set at home by parents, where money and materials things seem to be more important than content and love.

Long ago communities use to help raise children, it is no longer so, instead each to his own. Maybe this has spilled over in the way we treat each other and the lack of respect where all lives matter. Because human trafficking while it has other components to it, must be seen in the light where those who do it have little or no respect for lives of others but are concerned with their own financial gain. The lack of community together allows for the lack of trust. As a result the victims sometimes do not discuss and trust those around them to be guided. Therefore some end up as victims.

The collapse of a wall at Georgetown, where two persons died and another seriously wounded have indeed brought pain to many families. Their lives like the others do matter. A proper investigation should be done and compensation given to the affected families. I must further add that also legal proceedings depending on the investigation as to who are responsible must be taken. Indeed justice must be given.

Going forward, it is important that proper inspection be done when construction is carried out and here is where physical planning must play a part in ensuring that construction and maintenance be done correctly.

Strange enough with the last matter, human trafficking, and the sexual abuse of the four year old child and murders the protestors who came out in Justice for Mr. John are silent on these issues. We are not seeing them on the streets protesting. I guess because it is not political. Therefore, only if it is political we protest and pretending to love the victims. Let us be reminded that all lives matter.

Kennard King