Discover St Vincent and the Grenadines
Our Readers' Opinions
February 4, 2022

Discover St Vincent and the Grenadines

Editor: Many were disappointed that Columbus did not discover our country on 22nd January. This creates the opportunity for us to write our own History based on our own discovery. There are so many of us who have not discovered so many different parts of our country.

We can set January 22nd to organise tours to various sites, communities, and Geographical districts. We may choose another date but this date would add some excitement to an otherwise long and boring month. Of course, we would have to write and publish our discovery in the local newspapers so it can be documented. Some may even choose to write a book.

When this project is undertaken we would have a dynamic account that is second to none. Photographers would show the beauty of the country in living colour. Poets would also give us a view but in our mind’s eye. Painters and artists would show us our history on canvas. Musicians would add melody, harmony, rhythm, and beats to the rhymes of the Poets. Writers would tell the stories of the culture of each community. Dancers, Playwrights, and Actors would display their discoveries in theatres, and films. Economists would give the outlook of each financial niche. Architects would take interest in the built structures.

Agriculturists would survey the flora and fauna together with the farming. Seamen would have a field day simulating the siting and landing on each of our many islands. Businessmen would be on the lookout for opportunities. Clergymen may find a quiet spot to pray. Historians may want to find Carib Settlements. Whatever our interest, the History would be seen and written from that perspective.

Our collective discoveries may need to be displayed in a museum for those who may not choose to be explorers. We can all plan to add to our discoveries every year.

Anthony Stewart