Independent thinkers
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January 28, 2022
Independent thinkers

Editor: The quota of independent thinkers in this country is small. This to me is one of our weaknesses and shows signs of immaturity. Often times we fail to think for ourselves and are so easily led astray both politically and religiously.

An independent thinker would do research; listen to both sides of the argument and then make a decision not being influenced. When we look at our development as a people after forty – two years as an independent nation we are still easily led by politicians on both sides of the fence. Depending on which party we support we often take what they say as the gospel. Many times the talk show hosts influence very much our thinking. The social media also influence many persons thinking which results in how they react to what is heard or read. Very few would check out the information they read or heard and make a decision.

In terms of research, sometimes it depends on what you believe or support, then you would accept or reject the information. Take for example, the vaccines. There are those who believe it should be taken and so would only entertain those who promote it, on the other hand those who anti-vaxx would look for research and incidents to support their views. But seldom do we listen to both sides of the fence and make an independent decision.

The proposed new constitution is a case in point where many persons listened and gravitated towards rumors because of political affiliation, rather than trying to accumulate as much knowledge as possible and then make an intelligent decision void of politics. There are other areas in the political sphere where we blindly follow without research or investigating. The same can be said religiously.

Often times persons would simply accept what is said to them by Preachers and would even say that person say so. We grab what the Pastors say as the perfect Gospel and seldom even research to know if what is taught is indeed truth. We seem not to be able to think for ourselves, but rather just accept what is taught to us. This has lead to so many confusions in Christianity where to some they don’t know who to believe.

You see, we need to educate ourselves much more than we are doing. We need to do our own research and investigations. Having said all that long ago there were more thinkers than now, simply because today children have so much readily available information for studies that they don’t know how to work out a problem and to think through. With one click everything can be made available, so there is no need to think. This is part of the reason why we don’t think for ourselves but believe what is handed down to us.
One of the problems why there is hardly any encouragement for independent thinkers is the perception of society. If someone chooses to not agree, let’s say with a policy or programme either from the church or political party, that person is looked upon negatively. Then that same person because of his independent thinking may support a policy or programme he is seen as flip flopping and jumping here and there and not sure which side he is on.

I think it is time that as a people we grow up and become more independent in our thinking and not be just led astray by both politicians and religious leaders. Let us educate ourselves and be able to make informed decisions. Doing so does not mean that we are not loyal.

Kennard King