Following Orders
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January 28, 2022
Following Orders

There is no excuse for doing wrong. God has made us free moral beings and, in every circumstance and situation, it is our opportunity to choose to do the right thing. Following orders from our superiors does not exempt us from the responsibility, and accountability of our actions.

Even a child is known by his doings (Prov 20:11). Children obey your parents in the Lord for this is right (Eph 6:1). Obedience here, is conditioned by the action being approved of God. It could be very difficult when those in authority over you are instructing you to do wrong. Often times the instructions are verbal and there may be reluctance to put them in writing because they do not want to document their infraction.

Teachers are faced on many occasions with having to deal with students wanting to certify work that they did not do. My solution to this has always been to make myself available to help students get the assignments done. In doubtful situations the students should be given the benefit of the doubt. There should always be resistance to authoritative figures instructing subordinates to do wrong. In many situations, superiors are limited to policy making yet they try to micromanage by giving specific instructions to workers several administrative levels below them. Knowing the various roles and job descriptions are useful.

We are a country of laws, not of men. Some of the people that we look up to as examples may have disappointed us in word, undignified silence, deed, and inaction. These include the Clergy, Parliamentarians, Civil Servants, Teachers, Nurses, Policemen, and others we hold in high esteem.

Too many crimes seem to be officially covered up. While victims languish, perpetrators seem to have been instructed to deny that the happenings occurred. Witnesses may have been told that what they heard and saw was not what they saw. Additionally, politically appointed supervisors think that nothing can and should be done because perpetrators are highly politically connected. In the final analysis, everyone must take responsibility for their own action and this may lead to better behavior among our people.

Anthony Stewart