Are we under  Leviathan Palms?
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January 28, 2022
Are we under Leviathan Palms?

It is now 2:20 am Sunday December 12th 2021 and I have just been speaking with Corporal Nanton of the Calliaqua Police Station, whom I had called to report the disturbing loud and boisterous amplified music coming from nearby in the Arnos Vale area.

How could this be happening to us in St. Vincent when our leadership has been proclaiming itself to be progressive and forward-looking? We are presently under stress from the Covid pandemic, our economy is crippled because of bad management and as a result, Vincentians in large numbers are finding difficulty coping from day to day. Why can’t the authorities honour their responsibility to allow our citizens to have a reasonable night’s rest? That should not be so difficult to address if sincere effort is made by the police.

The sad irony is that even when we have on the books the legal instruments to address Noise Pollution citizens are still burdened by the result of indifferent policing as evidenced in the circumstance I have described.

And yet we could hear of the intimidatory approach of the Police Department in relation to IGAL ADAMS, a respectful citizen whose personna does not exude aggression, but the authorities considered it reasonable to have him escorted to the police station. He was not under arrest, yet at least six officers comprised the escort. What an exhibition of the waste of resources!
It is now three o’clock and the loud music still persists testimony enough that we are indeed “Under Leviathan’s Palms” – ULP. Yet we can find comfort in the Bible, in the words of Psalm 125 vs 5 – “As for those who turn aside to their crooked ways, Jehovah will remove them along with the wrong doers”

May there be peace upon – St. Vincent and the Grenadines!

LeRoy Providence