The homes from which they came
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January 21, 2022
The homes from which they came

Editor: The homes from which they come play an important role in which a child behaves and becomes.

While the aforementioned is debatable, we can not deny the fact that the homes play an important role in the development of a child. We are hearing in recent times of issues involving children, where a child was sexually molested by her father, and the latest being two teenagers who were [involved in stabbing an adult who ]is believed to have been in a relationship with [one of them]. In all of these incidents, little is heard about their mothers.

This begs the question; what kind of homes are they living in? These incidents are not isolated ones, but are present amongst us for sometime now. The difference is that we have an increase in technology where things are more exposed than before.

A closer analysis would point to the weaknesses that exist in the homes. For a man to sexually interfere his daughter in the home which the mother lives is unacceptable. Something definitely is happening in the home that needs both investigation and help. This incident would definitely have a physiological effect on the girl. She like many other girls who were sexually abused as a child can grow up to become criminals, prostitutes and even suicidal. Society then looks down on those girls, but failing to realise that it is the home from which they came.

On the incident with the two teenagers, it begs the question again; where are the mothers and fathers, and what discipline and training have been instilled in these teenagers? Where they left on their own? I know it is debatable. But however we look at it, it is a reflection of a poor home and these girls are products of the home from which they came.

There is definitely a breakdown in the home in terms of influence, discipline, respect, love and training. Many of the crimes committed are as a result of the homes from which they came. Come to think of it, many children grow up without a father figure and influence and many times the mothers are too weak to take a firm stand in terms of discipline, sometimes because of fear and financial support, while the children suffer emotional pain and seek love and attention, a reflection of the home from which they come.

Indeed much is lacking in the homes from which they came.

Kennard King