A Beggar’s Budget
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January 21, 2022
A Beggar’s Budget

Editor: When Uncle Venley of blessed memory begged, he always showed you the money he had, while requesting the amount he wanted. The principle he displayed was to use the resources he had available as seed money to attract more. Since his time, the National psyche has deteriorated to the extent where beggars are not willing to contribute anything to their own development. Instead, they want outside sources to meet all their needs.

This is apparently true all over the country. Despite the presence of extreme poverty, many job opportunities go abegging.

Farmers complain that they cannot get workers to fill their vacancies. There is always a market for fresh fruits and vegetables.

People can explore their own production capacity and fill the needs in their own communities. People are becoming more health conscious and there is a growing market for sugarless drinks. Coconut vending can be expanded. Local juices without sugar has a niche market also. I remember eating starch cakes made by my sister in law, Vin. I could see them being commercialized and being sold in supermarkets competing with the available biscuits.

Many students need individual help to complete their assignments. Some need private reading tutors. Newspaper vendors are needed all over the country to take important information everywhere. The capacity to advance oneself is unlimited through reading. If no Public Library is available, paid community libraries can be set up where a small fee can be charged for the services provided by an enterprising librarian who can double up as a private tutor.

With so many electronic devices in use, there is need for a security individual to set himself up to organize the devices to be properly registered and located if stolen. Devices can be used to connect producers with consumers and improve business activity. People may also need help to set up YouTube and other channels and earn from them.

The main commodity a beggar has at his disposal is time and with a little assistance this can be turned into some viable economic activity.

In this Beggar’s Market, the most useful business that can be set up is an employment agency where employers and employees can be connected with each other for a fee.

Anthony Stewart