Suffering, due to  insufficient lecturers at Community College
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January 18, 2022
Suffering, due to insufficient lecturers at Community College

EDITOR: I’m a first year Student of SVGCC. And as a new student, I was excited to continue my education level. Unfortunately, all my excitement was being taken away from me. Due to the fact that I don’t have lecturers for some of the courses I have chosen to study. This has put me in a frustrated state of mind which has caused me to be depressed. I would like to be [taught], I would like to learn. It is hard knowing that your parents had paid so much money for you to continue your studies and their child is not getting the service they had paid for. Exams is soon, and because of this, I am so worried. I’ve been trying my part; I would ask other students for notes etc. But it is so hard for me because not everything I would be able to understand on my own. I really do care about my education. It seems to me SVGCC don’t care because they are not trying their best for us to receive the best quality of education they can offer. They are not trying hard enough to find lecturers to replace the ones they had dismissed. I am unhappy. I would like to learn. I would like to pass my exams. I think society needs to know what is happening to the students of tomorrow. It is totally unfair for us. Someone needs to understand this. I don’t know what else to do.

Frustrated student