Contractor’s Woes
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January 7, 2022
Contractor’s Woes

From a loan secured from one of our financial institutions, he was contracted to put up a building. However, a mentally deranged man is inhibiting the work. Despite several complaints to the authorities, nothing has been done.

The Minister of the Gospel says that he is praying. The Social Worker does not want to get involved in what is clearly a situation warranting a mental health solution. The Minister of Health apparently takes a hands-off approach. The constables and corporals appear to be awaiting instructions from the sergeant who is not present. The Minister of Justice seems no longer concerned about these kinds of crimes and the causes of crime. Could it be that he is taken up with the bigger white-collar crimes of theft, misappropriation, and embezzlement of state funds, failure to pay in NIS deductions, the 95 million overdraft unaccounted for as reported by the Auditor General, and the other 95 million apparently missing from the construction of the International Airport.

Despite the thousands owed by consumers to the electricity company, there appears to be a moratorium on cutting the service. They pay their cable, Internet, and telephone bills, but because politicians have been interfering with the company’s affairs, they think the service is free and do not pay.

In the meantime, while the Minister of Justice may be twiddling his thumb, the contractor, his workers, and their families bear their grind. They wonder whether they should resurrect the Grenadines Declaration, the Union Island Revolution, go the way of Anguilla, become a Republic or ask our Queen, Elizabeth 11 to save us.

By all means some order must be brought to our society before chaos takes over. Let the works begin! Jail the inhibitor!

Anthony Stewart