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December 23, 2021

Is Christmas Real?

The Roman Church began formally celebrating (Pagan origin) Christmas on the 25th December in 336 AD during the reign of the Emperor Constantine and he made Christianity the effective religion of the Roman Empire.

Nine mornings is an Afro-centric Culture started in SVG under the reign of England when the Roman and Church of England (a break away from Roman Church) would have nine early morning indoor church service.

The Afro-centric would go serenading for that nine morning period starting from night to morning. They did this with vocal, drums, string band and steel pans. By 4 or 5 a.m the bands would be on the road and people would be out in their sleeping clothes. A band from Stubbs played to Argyle, back to Kingshill then back to base to Stubbs by sunrise.

Another band from Brighton to Kingshill back to Ratho Mill then back to base in Brighton. Calliaqua Band would play to Arnos Vale back to Ratho Mill and return to base in Calliaqua by sunrise. By then 1970 with the advent of the electrical combo band Nine Morning went into the dance halls. So much untold history. Christmas is Pagan in origin and capitalism in Philosophy- the working class spend all they work for and the New Year back to wage slavery. The birth of the Messiah [has] nothing to do with Christmas, if only no one [has] any recording of his birth. It [has] everything to do with government……..a child is born…a son is given and the government shall be upon his shoulder “Isiah 9:6-7”.

The angel confirmed this to his mother in Luke 1:31-33 also. The only way to make Christmas real is to put the laws of our creator God into practice- the laws His Kingdom. By doing so, all good things would be added to our lives-world peace and the end of Corona virus, including the end of divide and rule by present day world boss-world leaders. So our wish to all of us is to play it soft as we ending 2021 and prepare to rebuild our nation by forgetting our religions and political parties, our differences and see one God, one people, one nation, working together for 2022 and beyond. Be real.

Newton George