Maybe this Christmas …
SOME OF THE protesters outside the gates of Parliament Last Friday
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December 17, 2021

Maybe this Christmas …

STANDING ON THE protest line with teachers and others last Friday I sensed the agony and emotional distress by just looking at the eyes of the protestors, most of them wearing masks, but the expression from the eyes alone should have been seen by the government officials of this country … I wonder if Winston Soso’s song will ring true this year, “Maybe this Christmas, might be the best Christmas of all ?!”

By some yard sticks, the protest may not numerically be a success, but it was not so much the large numbers present, but the quality of the message that was sent, to let the powers that be realize that teachers not sticking for any nonsense and that they are committed to see the withdrawal of the act mandating EXPERIMENTAL vaccines.

My heart also goes out to our nurses who have been blindsided by a government that was once on a progressive track, now derailed by a pandemic that can be easily averted, other than what the government, media and big pharma are trying to ‘ram down our throat’ and eventually into your arms. Despite the efforts of mainstream media to cover up their dirty and misleading agenda, more people who are fully vaccinated are dying in greater numbers than the unvaccinated. More infections are being spread by the ‘vaccinated’. The figures are there to prove it.

The Police was also dumped on the ice without their boots on, so there will be teachers, nurses, police, civil servants and workers from the private sector who are out of a job for their refusal to be pricked with an experimental vaccine, thereby nullifying their religious, medical and other civil rights…. all orchestrated by this government….. maybe this might be the Best Christmas of all. And finally, Christ in Christmas has been replaced by a vaccine pass, segregating a Christian festival, so only if you have a vaccine pass you can attend 9 Nights of Lights at the Gardens.

Christ was born and died for all sinners, of whom I am chief. So why should the government determine who can and who cannot attend 9 Mornings activities which has Christian origins. Maybe, just maybe, this Christmas might be the best Christmas of all !!!

Don De Riggs.