Our Readers' Opinions
December 10, 2021

There is a bright star to the East

EDITOR: Even as we here in St. Vincent and the Grenadines are distinctly floundering under a pervasive cloud of blight, weighted down by and entangled in the weeds of economic stagnation which is the product of governmental mismanagement by the ULP under the leadership of Ralph Gonsalves who has declared himself to be “WORLD BOSS” there is a bright star in the eastern Caribbean, “The Republic of Barbados”, led by Mia Mottley.

We in St. Vincent and the Grenadines should be awakened to our responsibilities and assert ourselves in the task of endeavouring to use our resources to enhance the development of our people. For over a hundred years, Barbados has been an important player in our Education. The University of the West Indies, which is located there, had been expected to play a strong role in the development of the rest of the Caribbean- all of the Caribbean!

But the present circumstances prevailing in SVG seem to be suggesting that we are being left behind. Despite the perennial bragging about “education revolution”, we have children in Secondary School, who cannot read at the old standard III level of Primary School. Our leaders declare that we are a consultative democracy, but no heed was given to those who counselled against the locating of the valuable hospital in Georgetown whose residents had to be evacuated when the Soufriere erupted 1979.

Additionally, for more than twelve years, the administrators have crippled the Agriculture Sector. The present Minister of Agriculture seems to enjoy playing games with the farmers. He makes bold promises which he does not keep. He treats the docile farmers with scant regard, he does not give any reasons for
the failure of his previous plan, but up comes another plan from him, promising great benefits for the hapless farmers. A pathetic squandering of integrity indeed! One of these days the farmers will speak boldly!

Over the last two years, we have been emphasising that we made it to the United Nation’s Security Council, the smallest nation ever to have been so distinguished, but how have our citizens benefited? And did we show the world by our example, how they are to deal justly with their citizens? Are we forgetting Marcus De Freitas Dr. Murray’s family, Leon Samuel, Yuggie Farrel?

I would suggest that on the occasion of the re-commissioning of the UWI Centre in Kingstown that a cadre of the Senior Staff at Cave Hill be invited to SVG to do an apprais[al] of our circumstances and make recommendations for the remedy.

We can take our bearings from the star in the East, “THE REPUBLIC OF BARBADOS”.

Leroy Providence